The Carolina

Otherwise referred to as the American Dingo, the Carolina is one of the oldest natural breed of dogs that you can find. It was discovered and domesticated in the early 1970s. The dog used to live in the wild and in particular in the Pines and Cypress swamps very common in the Southeastern parts of the USA. It is one of America’s primitive dogs and shares similar characteristics with such other primitive wild dogs as Australian Dingos and the Jindo, a Korean natural dog.

A mature Carolina dog can weigh as much as 20 kg and stand at a height of 24 inches. This breed of dog still retains some of its primitive characteristic behaviors. Females in particular sill have the tendency of digging dens in which to give birth and cover the same with sand upon giving birth to protect their young ones. The dog behaves like a fox and employs a pouncing technique when catching its traditional prey, which in most cases happen to be small mammals such as mice and shrews.

A modern Carolina dog is highly efficient as a hunter and is therefore very popular with farmers because of its efficiency in dealing with rodents. Because it is basically a field dog, it is not suitable for keeping as a pet. In any case, it does not get along well with both children and other house pets. This breed of dog has been crossbred with other dog breeds to come up with types of dogs of its type that can be kept as house pets.

The Carolina breed of dog is a hardy dog that can survive in any condition. Because of its hunting instincts, it tends to move away from home into the fields. It is necessary to have proper fencing when kept as an outdoor pet. It is generally a healthy dog with very minimal health challenges.


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