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Dec 14

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Jun 13

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Feb 13

Connecting With Your Labrador Puppy

In the last article I told you that in order to connect with your labrador puppy you should take him out on long walks in all kinds of different places. I also said some things that you may not agree with, like the fact that dogs are very different from humans in the way they feel. In this article, I want to apply this concept to food. So let’s begin…

The message I want you to get from this is loud and clear: do not feed your dog human food. You probably already know about this from somewhere else, so let’s get a little bit more in depth. What exactly does this mean?

What it means is that you should not feed you lab the food that you usually eat. This includes spicy foods, food with bones in it, etc. So it’s ok to give your dog a steak for example as long as it has no bones and no spices. Many people are getting this wrong and end up feeding their labrador puppies dog food only. Dog food doesn’t always contain all the nutrients a pup needs to grow up nicely. The food that I recommend and many experts recommend is called “Wellness” and it’s known for the fact that it contains the most diverse types of vitamins and minerals and proteins and basically everything that the puppy needs for growth.

This type of food is not very cheap though and it is not available very widely around the world, so you have to come up with a diet where you feed your labrador puppy: meat, vegetables, cereals and plenty of water. Dog food can be included as well, but make sure you read the ingredients list and also look the brand up on the internet to see what people are saying about it.

Now, time for the part where you connect with your dog. You connect with your dog by eating along with him. How do you do this? After you filled his bowl with food, come up close and while he’s eating either move your hand around in his food or lean in and act like you’re eating along with him.

A puppy will usually accept that even if it’s his favorite food and you are taking some of it away from him. But if you don’t take the time to do this while he’s young he will not let you come anywhere near the bowl as an adult. If he starts getting aggressive when you come up close, firmly say no and pull him away from the food and only continue feeding him about 5 minutes later. This is part of the dog accepting you as the pack leader and looking at you with respect and not fear. He has to know that you have the power to give and take, so he will obey.

Aug 12

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Nov 11

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Sep 11

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