Street Dog Care Nepal and Planet K9

Canine Care Secrets and techniques Video Score: five / five

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  1. Great job…:)) salute…

  2. Thank you for this wonderful video and all your fundraising efforts for
    Street Dog Care! Your support is so touching and will make such a big
    difference in the lives of Boudha’s dogs!

  3. thanks alot for helpin our old nepali street dogs… we nepali people are
    very grateful. Well, where is your organisation in nepal.. Iwould love to
    visit and help if i can.. 🙂

  4. Great job Nicole! Stuff like this should go viral! Glen

  5. PlanetK9Allstars

    Hello Rinku . I have tried to include a link in this reply but Youtube
    won’t allow links to be posted in comments . The link to Street Dog Care
    website is right at the end of this video . They are in Boudha 🙂 xo

  6. PlanetK9Allstars