Storytime With UnitedGamer – My Dog’s situation Story (MW3 Moab 53-4)

Puppy Treatment Strategies Video Score: 4 / 5

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  1. coller

  2. yes windstorminator got a moab while running on a treadmill

  3. My dog did had kinda the same thing… As my dad described it she was “depressed” but when i get home usually she is sorta like “HIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI!” then she rolls over and i rub her stomach but when i did that she yelped and as you said she just “gave up on life” but lucally shes ok now something happend and she is as active as ever but im sorry about youre dog ;(

  4. i love dogs everyone does so i fell so sorry for you.

  5. I am soo sry man

  6. im so sorry for your loss of your dog

  7. dude i feel for your loss. my dog when i was 4 died by getting run over by an 18 wheeler. also my grandfather died the same year. I feel for you man. Stay strong and keep bieng the United Gamer.

  8. @Unitedgamer101 if you need any support just contact me just on you tube and or xbox live if you have an xbox

  9. and im sorry for your lose

  10. my dog was a boxer the put him to sleep because he had cancer and one day he woke up blind

  11. Either these 2 dislikes had no hearts or they were so sad that their tears fogged up their eyes and they mistakenly clicked on Dislike.

  12. I am sorry about ur dog.

  13. Yea man I am sorry my old dog died when he was by me when I was in my babies crib.

  14. Junhson Jean - Baptiste

    i am SO sorry about ur dog i love your videos

  15. He will always be with you in your memories and in your heart.

  16. Does a dazzle work on a playstation 2 and playstation 3

  17. BallisticExpansion

    5,000 for a dog! If I had to put my dog down i would do it myself. It’s a lot cheaper for a
    .22 bullet than a shot it is quicker and and instant too it is just hard on the person doing it. I had to put down one of my goats after it got sick :( I felt bad afterwards but knew it was the right choice. Sorry about your dog man you never told me.

  18. TheGuildOfShadows

    The Guild Of Shadows will start recording soon enough, and we’ll support you. 😉 We can be support players for you. ~~

    Best prays for you – Pokemonster52

  19. I use a AverMedia Game Capture epic video I listened and understood spend time eith your family or they may leave you someday 🙁 I am really sad I dont want my dad or mom to leave me nor my sis or brother

  20. What about ps 2 and 3

  21. It is actually a good bit like $180. But a Dazzle is a standard definition not HD and it is 50 i believe. It works fine for like gamecube or wii games. Not as much Call of Duty though.

  22. How much is one of those

  23. RIP, thanks for sharing

  24. Ok thanks

  25. I actually don’t use a camera, I use an HD PVR capture card which is what a lot of Youtubers use.