Scottish Tradition : “Wi’ My Dog And Gun” by Silly Wizard

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  1. this reminds me of my uncle and his English setters when they go hunting in the fall i now see what a wonderist song this would be too play a his death dam this feel for me so different it hit me too my vary soul!

  2. Wonderful

  3. You’re welcome martine2u . thanks for the note. 🙂

  4. I love everything Silly Wizard, but this one is a special favorite. Such a lovely song and Andy’s voice is perfect for it. Thanks for posting it!

  5. Thanks to whoever uploaded any Silly Wizard song(s). They are my favorite Scottish band and I was an usher at one of their concerts at Sanders Theater at Harvard University a couple of times because I volunteered to Kerri Estrin and Black Sheep music in the 1980s. I also bought tickets several times to see them. The first member of the band I saw was Johnny Cunningham-RIP.

  6. I am looking for the song : »AA Cameron’s Strathsprey … The new shillin'” from the album “so many partings”
    Ce groupe est venu chanter dans mon village de 300 hab. en 1979, ou 1980 je crois!!! eh oui
    j’étais enfant mais jamais je ne n’oublierai !! Que d’émotion pour mon 1er concert !
    J’ai encore le disque ! La jacquette et celle là même (photo plus haut) : « So many partings »
    Trop fun de re écouter leur album now

  7. Thank you for your note. You are very welcome. 🙂

  8. what a wonderful piece of music - thank you for posting!

  9. Thanks – I agree with you . , Andy M Stewart is, in my opinion, one of the best vocalists in the world.

  10. Andy’s the best! Thx for posting this!!

  11. Just love this! Silly Wizard – Andy Stewart – and naturally, those two fine black labs! 🙂 🙂 –
    Regrettably, lost the Silly Wizard LP’s I had once upon a time –
    appreciate the good leads for some more song-chasing there!

  12. A mutual YT friend recommended your channel – mandolinda6. Wish I had known about it before. I left a comment on a recent upload of hers and it remeinded me of a tune my cousin and his wife (they had the gaelic). I always thought the tune was Callum Maroon – I cannot find it anywhere - any clues.

  13. It’s a pleasure to feel useful! You’re more than welcome.

  14. Thanks for the info fiddlinshim . This prompted me to look into it a bit more and find that the song has been sung also by Cathal O’Connel , learnt by him Paddy and Jimmy Halpin (Co. Fermanagh) and recorded on the Boys of the Lough album Lochaber No More (1975) Brigid Tunney a version also which was included in Paddy’s book The Stone Fiddle (1979), Andy ‘s version apparently came from his own family’s tradition so I have updated the notes accordingly. Thanks again.

  15. This set of words, sung to an older air, was recorded in the 1950s by Paddy Tunney, the magical singer of Co. Fermanagh. No doubt the tune was made by Andy Stewart, but it’s misleading to call the whole thing ‘his composition’.

  16. Thanks for your kind comments Paola, I am getting behind in replying to comments 🙂 Best regards Iain

  17. ah, i haven’t heard this in at least 15 or more years. need to go dust off my old Silly Wizard LPs. Andy M. is still one of the most soothing vocalists i’ve had the pleasure to watch and listen to. Silly Wizard were the 1st to capture me eons past, but far from the last. thanks for the reminder! 8)

  18. Thanks NardaLee , glad you liked this one. 🙂

  19. Thanks Jim, glad you liked this one. 🙂

  20. Always liked Silly Wizard. Hadn’t heard this one before…thank you for posting.

  21. That makes me so mad when it does that!! especially when I type a crap load and it disapears

  22. That’s happened to me too! – I don’t know what happens to all these comments . Must be a “Bermuda Triangle” full of lost Youtube comments somewhere out there 🙂 Thanks for adding your note again 🙂

  23. I KNOW I put up a comment before! grrr… okay, here again! This is a nice piece of music, it has that “something” that made me add it to the favs! 🙂

  24. You are most welcome Elderwilliam 🙂