Robert Schimmel: Dog Care

Dog Care Secrets and techniques Video Rating: four / five

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  1. why dose the camera guy keep dropping the camera and not keep it on Robert
    while he is still talking and doing his show?

  2. phenomforever825mjf


  3. Funny man, terrible cameraman.

  4. hahahahahahahahha!

  5. You have the makings of a great version of the Aristocrats! If I ever see
    you perform, I want to bring my video camera and TRIPOD so you can have
    *stable* clips for your youtube page! Jeez, man…

  6. Was this the Los Angeles Improv? Looks like it was filmed during an
    earthquake! I wanna puke…..

  7. ferdinandhudson

    *Ha, ha, ha* Robert, you’re the Man!

  8. lay off the percodan…………….

  9. a legend has fallen so long pal

  10. hamiltonhochs

    funny funny dude.. keep em rolling in the sky Robert.

  11. RIP Robert Schimmel

  12. sorry to see you leave brotha, amazing talent…

  13. RIP bob, thanks for the greatest lines