Aug 13

Taking Care of Your Dog

Tracing back to the old days, dogs have all along been considered to be man’s best friends. This is because of the company and protection that they can always offer. Whether you have adopted or even purchased one, it is very important that you know how to care for it. This is the only way through which you can enjoy having it around. There are several activities that are involved in taking care of dogs. One of them is grooming. It is advisable that you frequently brush your dog’s hair in order to keep it looking good and healthy all through.

Medical check-ups are not just recommended for humans. The dog that you have at home also requires to be taken for frequent medical check-ups. This will help in the early detection of any kind of infections so that they can be treated in good time. Even if the scheduled time for check –up is not due but you suspect anything wrong with the dog, it is advisable that you contact your vet immediately.

Most people who own dogs often forget the aspect of exercise. You can find that they lock their dogs for the entire day only to release them at the dead of the night. However, it is very important that you occasionally go out with your dog for a little exercise even around the home. This will keep it fit and also strengthen your relationship.

The other thing that you should note about taking care of your dog is proper feeding. You should always know the right kind of food that is recommended for your dog. Besides, you also need to come up with a clear feeding program for it. It is also ideal that you give your dog proper housing to make it feel more comfortable.

Aug 13

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Jul 13

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Jun 13

Deworm your Dogs

As a dog owner, you need to be extra careful about the health of your dog and one way through which you can ensure that it is fit is by deworming. Majority of dogs suffer from complications brought about by intestinal parasites such as roundworms, tapeworms, whipworms and hookworms among others. Before you start the deworming process though, it is essential for you to confirm that the dog has these parasites. If it has fleas, visits parks or hunts, then it is highly likely that it has worms.

Same case applies to dogs that are confined in fenced yards or outdoor kennels. More often than not, it is not possible to identify the existence of these parasites by looking at outward signs and it is precisely for this reasons that it is deemed logical to deworm frequently. Note that there are dangers associated with these parasites such as diarrhea, blood loss, malnutrition, vomiting, and lethargy and in some extreme cases, death.

Find a Solution

  • In order to ensure that your dog does not experience any of these problems, it is advisable to consider the possibility of asking your vet for the best deworming solution. There are different types of products in the market to choose from and your dogs vet is the only person better placed to recommend the best option.
  • Ensure that your pets are kept flea free since fleas are known to transmit these parasites.
  • Your dog should be kept clean and bathed after it has gone through the deworming process.
  • You should cover your sandboxed when they are not been used.
  • Dog droppings should be cleaned from your yard in order to ensure that spread of these worms is not encouraged.

If you have any questions or misgivings about deworming your dogs, it is advisable to consult extensively with your dogs vet in order to make an informed decision on the best way forward.

May 13

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Apr 13

Train Your Dog

The idea of training your dog to be the best guard is considered to be a very important step to make. This is so especially if you happen to live in a neighborhood that is full of insecurity. If you cannot do the training on your own, it is highly advisable for you to hire a professional to do the training for you. However, if you are under a tight budget and you are sure that you cannot afford to hire a professional, then you need to do the training on your own. All you need to do is to follow the below given pointer steps to ensure that your dog is not only trained but trained in the proper way possible.

a)      The first thing that you need to do is to socialize your dog. This means that you need to familiarize her with the surrounding. For instance, you can let her get used to other animals, people and traffic as well.  You can even go ahead to train her to remain indifferent when it comes to other animals.

b)      Ensure that you have taught your dog basic obedience. This means that, at the beginning of the training, ensure that the dog has caught your attention as much as possible.

c)      Teach your dog to bark in case a person approaches the house. There are some dogs that will do this automatically without being taught while others will need to be taught. As such, ensure that your dog knows how to bark especially if a foreign person visits your home.

d)      There are some dogs that have the manners of running after intruders once they have left the house. As such, ensure that you have trained your dog not to do so. This means that you need to teach him or her where the property line ends by walking it around the perimeters of the house.

Apr 13

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Mar 13

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Mar 13

Tips for Grooming Your Dog

Dog grooming is an activity that can be quite challenging to most people. In fact, it is one of those activities that make most people view dog keeping as an uphill task. However, it should be noted that dogs are great animals that deserve the best treatment in order to offer an ideal protection and company that is required by the owner. When you take good care of your dog, there is no doubt that it will live a healthy and more enjoyable life. There are several avenues that can be pursued in dog grooming. Below are some tips that you should keep to in order to give your dog the best care that is desired.

  • Shave the dog’s coat

This may look so outrageous to most people since the hair is the main source of insulation to the dog. However, it should be slightly trimmed to make the dog look good. When shaving, make sure that you do not penetrate beyond the undercoat. Besides, you should also choose the correct clip to use in shaving the dog.

  • Often take time to clean the dog’s ears

Dogs experience an excessive growth of hair in the ear canal and these must be frequently removed since they trap moisture that may lead to infections, irritations among other complications that may affect the health of the dog. There is a special powder for use in removing the hairs that you can use.

  • Brush the dog regularly

By brushing your dog frequently, you will be able to eliminate dead hair that causes irritation on the skin. When brushing the dog, ensure that you choose the right brush to use in brushing the dog to avoid causing any injuries to the skin. Besides, you should also ensure that the brushing is done along the grain so that the hair looks good.