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Things you should know about Dogs

As much as dogs are mans best friend, there are a lot of things that people don’t know about dogs. This article will feature on some facts about dogs that should be known to the human race.

Don’t be surprised, but dogs have the ability to count just like humans. In fact, they can count up to five. They even have the capability to understand words used by humans. To make it more interesting, dogs have been known to understand up to 250 words. Isn’t this hilarious?

Most are the times you would want to have your dog in your arms; too bad because unlike humans, dogs don’t like to be hugged.

Ever wondered how service dogs do their work? Well, they are usually trained. They know when its time for work and when its time to play. They have a harness that guides them. When it’s on, they get down to work and the opposite applies when the harness is off.

Dogs have a very unique way of identifying and distinguishing smell. The wetness of a dogs’ nose helps it know where a particular smell is coming from!

Have you ever wondered how dogs drink water? They form a tiny cup using their tongue in a backward manner!

Dogs tend to know time. That is, when to eat, play, sleep. They actually know about everything that revolves their owners. When they go to bed and when they wake up in the morning. This is just amazing.

It’s believed that some people are color blind. So are dogs. Well, they aren’t totally color blind. They actually see differently from we do. Blue and yellow are the only colors that a dog sees.

Compared to the sense of smell of humans, dogs’ is much stronger. Far much stronger by 100,000 times!

While a human’s heart beat rate is between 70-80 beats per minute, a dogs beats is 70-120 per minute.

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Taking Care of Your Dog’s Feet

Some people don’t pay much attention to their dog’s foot care. Dogs also need to get the proper care for their feet. During those hot days or cold winters, dogs’ paws also get sensitive. Your dog is used to a nice home environment. When he/she steps out on the hot pavement, the paws will get burned. During winter, they have the same problems you have. This is why it is important to make sure that your dog gets the care it needs to keep their feet in good condition. If you can afford it, get pedicures for your dog. Once in a while, they need the same kind of pampering you get.

With a proper pedicure, you can trim those long nails. Overgrown nails are not just uncomfortable for the dog only but for you too. Imagine if you have hardwood floors and your dog is walking around with long nails snagging on the floors. They will definitely damage your floors. You can find out how to best trim your dog’s nails. The fur between the nails should also be trimmed. This is suitable especially during winter. It is to avoid ice balls sticking in the fur between the claws. This can cause discomfort when walking. After trimming the fur, you can clean the pads nicely.

You can also get moisturizer for you dog. Ask your vet the best products to get for your dog. You can also massage the paws to get that blood circulating. A massage will relax your dog. Pay extra attention during the summer. Dogs tend to get their paw pads burnt when walking. Avoid using pavements when walking your dog. You can use anti-bacterial wash if your dog gets burns on the pads. If it’s serious, you should take your dog to a vet. Taking care of your dog’s feet is part of keeping him/her healthy. You must however know how to do it right.