no leg sky diving, with my dog.

Dog Care Tricks Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. TheAirsoftCalifornia

    Best dog ever

  2. The dog was like YOLO

  3. Semper Friggin FI. Damn.

  4. dude I love your dog he reminds me of mine

  5. takes ball !

  6. i am suprised the dog did not poopin the air but congrts how much does skydiving cost????????

  7. HUUUGE respect for both of you!! 🙂

  8. The poor thing is just happy to back on the ground

  9. The second he unhooked the dog I can imagine what he was thinking… “OH MY GOD SOLID GROUND!!!!!! NEVER DO THAT AGAIN YOU DICK!” lol nice man.

  10. Anyone else catch that fucking awesome lightning bolt towards the end?

  11. Disturbed – Indestructible
    from the album “Indestructible” (2008)

  12. I feel so bad for the dog but to see him wagging his tail and running happily makes me feel better

  13. Airborne Brother…thumbs up, get some!

  14. Awesome.

  15. You rock man! About a year ago our family had the incredible luck of being allowed to adopt a mix-breed rottweiler/malinois puppy. It was truly one of the happiest moments in our lives. Trojka is just wonderful. She radiates energy and happiness just like you and your dog. I am convinced that Trojka would make a fine para-dog.

  16. That dog tucked his head in your armpit scared. Not cool.

  17. #RESPECT man… respect.

  18. poor dog

  19. Chris… you are such an inspiration to me… Keep up the GREAT job and thank you for your service to the United States…

  20. Incredible! Love the bolt of lightning at 5:40.

  21. Great video! Thanks for sharing. AIRBORNE, ATW!!!!

  22. the dog is a soldier too and trained for this. not confused at all. ready for some action.

  23. Incredible. The thing I took most from the video is the absolute love and faith that Ax has in you. He knows absolutely that if he’s with you, then everything is going to be ok. Helluva partner you have there!!

  24. this was so completely fucking AWESOME man. no downtime for u guy. dog is totally cool and into it too. gave me chills to watch it.

  25. Awesome…I Really admire people like you, who goes on at your level, I own a Malinois too, its an incredible dog… The music is really good too… Congratulations for the video