My dog singing

Canine Care Secrets and techniques Movie Rating: 4 / five



  1. Can i have your dog.

  2. lol u and ur dog r soo cute!

  3. no

  4. veronicaperezalmazan

    I did not know that you have a dog he is so fuckin cute

  5. Hahah omg. Your poor dog:,)



  7. arne lorang østli


  8. OMG LOL

  9. ooooo harry styles – you ooooooooooo o my god i can’t believe it!!!

  10. Pamerla Williehite

    one.) the description sounds super inappropriate  2.)I like your shirt

  11. Your cute and by the way my name is Aliyah (aleeya)

  12. Song? Well crazy beat ? It doesn’t matter… Can just anybody help me with the name please ? JACOB YOU ARE AMAZING !

  13. I luv u Jacob

  14. ur dog is so cute

  15. I love u Jacob do more cool vidoes

  16. Do more videos <3 I love you <3

  17. awww oh my god you sooo swettie i love you so much and beatiful dance xoxox

  18. I love your smile and laugh!!

  19. Awwww hahaha

  20. That awkward moment when you’re jealous on a dog o.O

  21. nice dance moves <3

  22. lol

  23. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahagahahahaha

  24. Katelyn Boudreaux

    he is just so cute

  25. Lol