Minecraft SMP – S1 E10 – I Love my Dog

Canine Treatment Tricks Video Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. Still, needed a reply lol.

  2. billyboob12jet

    I dont think so(im not canthandletheparrot obviously but whatevs)

  3. Is your freind gay? I don’t think he’s wearing anything.

  4. U had bones at your water thing when u were having the war

  5. Server Minecraft Excelent with hamachi
    id DarkFuture
    pass 12345

  6. MrBiscuitMonsters

    @andylord54 its bukkit you noob

  7. Can u plz tell me the link or the name of the mod or something for the server commands plz?

  8. @CantHandletheParrot Please send me the skin of the naked guy pls from the vid right here

  9. amiawsome12321

    thumbs up if you couldnt stop laughing in the drop

  10. as long as it isn’t killed by any player ( I suggest burrying the dog in a deep hole! )

  11. THE JESUS OPTICAL ILLUSION WORKS OMG he is in my computer!

  12. for the love of god make a bed ghritten

  13. thats a chicken….

  14. Danderouselliot

    you can put /set home and it does it guys just telling and you guys are cool and good at this game i used to have but someone hacked into my account and changed the password does any one know how to get minecraft for free or can someone set me up and account that would be nice and if i get an account can i please play with u guys u ROCK FOR LIFE!!!!!!!

  15. MineCraftKid1212

    there was a wolf in a hole at 2:48 you can see it on the video gritteh so epic fail for you ! XD 2:48=2 min. 48 sec.

  16. thekaylarocks79

    come on u missed that dog at 3:05 or so!

  17. I felt bad fo gritteh wen he was watch ing ollie and his nest friend havin fun lol

  18. i have a question for anyone if i got a dog online and then left the game and joined back would i still have my dog???

  19. 1. if the dog is far away it will tp back
    2. the dog wighns when it is very hurt

  20. if the dog is far away it will tp back

  21. CantHandletheParrot

    It’s called “Xaiwaker” 🙂

  22. What Texture Pack is this?

  23. xEGxEpicFuzionz

    if u paused and looked at that jesus optical illusion thumbs up i did its weird

  24. we need help#

  25. bridgesfamilyof4

    hay canthandletheparrot, do you got a server?