Like My Dog – Billy Currington

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  1. alexis draughon

    i love this song!!!!!!!!!

  2. Here is a good warm up video before the Puppy Bowl comes on.
    This might be a full grown dog but he is very lovable!
    His adopted mom is very luck to have him and he probably feels the same way
    about her.

    Oh and the song “Like My Dog” is awesome. I had never heard it before but
    it is very fitting!


  4. Jessica Collins

    funny song!!

  5. i love this song

  6. Jane Millerick

    wanted to send out a song for dogs out there (and those who love dogs since
    they are the ones with fingers on the keyboards..)
    Like My Dog!
    by Billy Currington
    best dog song ever
    with photos of a rescued dog —

  7. I’m glad you like it Rose! 🙂

  8. brandon weimer

    I HAVE A MALINIOS wolds best dog

  9. Porthos was Captain/Admiral Arches Prize winning beagle that was on the
    Enterprise with him 🙂

  10. Heather Mullins

    my bus driver that looks like Santa always listens to the country music
    station everday. on friday me and my boydriend were talking to his best
    friend Danny because he got in trouble and he has 2 sit in the front seat.
    This song came on the radio and Danny startd laughing like it was the most
    funny thing ever. then Robert my bf started laughing then i started
    laughing soon we were laughong so hard the bus driver turned the radio off.
    so we listened 2 it on Danny’s ipod nano. we love this song!!!

  11. Kenneth Atchison

    Nice photos!

  12. 28 people suck. This is such a sweet video! I love it!

  13. cerealkiller1124

    Interesting name for a dog. Are you a fan of Star Trek: Enterprise by any

  14. Sorry for your loss.

  15. My shepherds favorite song , except the bath tub pic.

  16. Porthos is a Belgian Malinois. There is not pit in him.

  17. MrCountryredneckboy

    have a beautiful lovin dog notin like havin your dog waitin at door when u
    get home from long day at work

  18. I’ve always wanted a Beauceron!

  19. musicismylife34100

    20,272 more views and it’ll be 1 million!!! YAY haha love ya

  20. what rescue did you get him from? i lost a dog like him bout 2009 i belive
    german shep pit mix named bubba i live in iowa

  21. plutosunshine

    he,s not an Alsatian

  22. Ah, very cool.

  23. Emily NinjaTutrle


  24. He never plays DEAD when I want to pet him , Ha ! Ha! Thumbs up if you have
    been there ! Ha! Ha1