German Shepherd being adored by the cat! Cat stevens-I love my dog

Canine Treatment Secrets Movie Score: four / 5

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  1. The little moments, these are the best moments in life!

  2. 0:18 Baby, one kiss?
    0:50 Mmm, I like your ear!
    0:56 Don’t push it!
    1:17 Just one kiss, please!
    1:23 Watch out!!
    1:35 I can’t stop loving you!
    1:37 Warn you!!!
    1:43 I’m mad. Stop talking to you!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Adorable!

  4. Very cute. Your cat just can’t resist biting those ears! LOL

  5. That is some sweet lovin’!

  6. MissSnowflakefairy

    Thats cute.

  7. aww your dog is being so good with the kitty!

  8. many many sweet Animal kisses

  9. beautiful cuddle buddies

  10. Jamesdurbinrules


  11. checkeredalmond

    Death by cuteness. 

  12. I hope it is the case that Otis adores Zak and not Otis’s way of telling Zak, “don’t forget, I’M the boss of you”. They’re both handsome.

  13. Zak has absolutely fascinating color pattern!

  14. what was the cat doing at the end? the cat just bit the dog’s nose..what thehell.

  15. Does Yusuf Islam still love his dog?

  16. Bless!!

  17. this video made me smile I am going to save it to my account and when I am having a bad day I can turn to it for comfort

  18. lick lick lick oooo ear nibble

  19. i love your cats tail

  20. Beautiful dog, he looks like a Shiloh Shepperd!

  21. Such a lucky dog! Imagine being loved by a cat! Both seem to be in good care! If only all animals were so fortunate!

  22. HaHA..Thanks!! I´ll take that as a compliment!!!

  23. He’s a Long Haired GSD….sweet. I had one as well.

  24. Cat Stevens, verigud, e animais são nossos amigos para sempre .

  25. You’re just….strange.