Everything Reminds Me of my Dog

Pet Treatment Secrets Movie Rating: four / 5

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  1. OMG that’s heartbreaking jessica. Sending you some HUGS and cheeriness. It’s been 4 years since Tundra passed away and I say a prayer for him every night. I fell into a deep depression after his passing. He kept me alive through terrible Posttraumatic stress disorder. The wonderful quirky Jane Siberry gave me permission to use her song. So grateful.

  2. Wow that’s very kind of you! Thank you so much :D

  3. This remains one of the most amazing music videos ever.

  4. Today is the anniversary of Tundra’s passing. I planted yellow primrose at his grave and dog friendly drinking fountain ( dedicated by the Mayor of Sechelt) now that both have been completed. Nice to have some closure. RIP <3


    Everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved – Ask Jesus Christ to save you, ask Jesus Christ to bless you ! Glory to JESUS CHRIST

  6. that dog is my doggys exact partner i know duane

  7. your dog is so cute

  8. 0:18 omg I died. Aww he was such a cute dog lol :/ fuck I have a huge love for dogs it sucks when they die.


  10. Awww. He was a gorgeous, sweet angel. 

  11. Robertplantsvoice Dobson

    thank you for making this loving fun tribute to Tundra. Its obvious that he was loved and that you loved him. it put a big smile on my face seeing him smile.

  12. He looks egyption….

  13. he got lazy eyes.ahahah cute!

  14. RIP Tundra Missing You <3
    Wrote an article on my website "Can having a dog really save your life?" about how you helped me through years of chronic illness 😀

  15. WAGS! My dog Tundra is going to be in jane siberry’s new TV Series “Dogton Abbey” playing a ghost in the moonlit gardens! WOOOOOT!!! :0-) How kewl as his drum circle name is “Ghost Dog”… maybe Angel would be more appropriate :0-)

    “CONGRATULATIONS! your dog TUNDRA has been accepted for my new tv series, DOGTON ABBEY. his role will be a ghost sometimes seen digging in the formal gardens on a moonlit night.” Jane Sibbery

  16. ALotteLittleKitten

    Looks a lot like an old-fashioned border collie. Rough coat, tail and ears are characteristic.

  17. this one looks very much like my cody but we dont know fo sho

  18. my dog may have husky or somthing in him. please go c my ‘most beautiful dog’ video tell me what yall think he’s mixed with because we don’t know

  19. GOOD NEWS!  We got a dog and people friendly drinking water fountain set up in my hometown of Sechelt, BC… I would have loved to buy fountains for everyone but there just wasn’t any support for the idea, so I am grateful for at least one 😀

  20. Thanks so much and it’s totally true… eases the grieving and loss a bit when you remember what an amazing last day Tundra had 😀

  21. That story on the last night he was alive that you did in the description. Beautiful story cant stop reading it.

  22. you sometimes forget that in your grief, he had an amazing life, the Sunshine Coast BC is like a Dog’s Disney Land 😀

  23. thanks so much that is so kind of you 😀

  24. This is beautiful and done so well I thought it was the official video to Jane Siberry’s song.