Don Dokken – I’ll Name My Dog Gandalf (1 of 5)

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  1. Amen on the reading Don,reading is the greatest thing you can do for yourself..

  2. up from the ashes…love that album.

  3. I WORSHIP the 80’s for the music, and I can’t praise the rock and metal from the 70’s and 80’s enough, don’t think “all dem youngsters today don’t know about REAL music”.
    I’m 22, If it wasn’t for the internet people like me would never have heard of Motley Crue, Danger Danger, Dokken, Firehouse, Warrant, Winger, KISS, Scorpions, Bon Jovi etc etc. People like, like in the 80’s, would have to listen to whatever’s available in record stores, on the radio and MTV.. most of which is TERRIBLE!

  4. AudiophileTubes

    One of the best rock metal vocalists EVER! Even his ballads are BUTTAH!

  5. Genetically pre-disposed to music? I suppose if Don’s dad had of pluked a dude in the butt, then Don would be genetically pre-disposed to homosexual activities. What a dumb thing to say. A self-righteous comment form him.

  6. danapainterman

    whats up?

  7. hello dana….my man was in foster homes. hes so cool. he deals with my dokken fanatics…he loves me… i love him, and you know what. he watched larry welch. i cant stand it….i found don…i found my man… and i found you … you must be cooo. if i found you… that is cooo….l….

  8. Don Dokken seem like funny interesting guy. Lynch keeps bad-mouthing him but that just makes Lynch look like a little bitch

  9. es una super banda

  10. I saw dokken in concert last night in vallejo 😀

  11. I was there back in the day, you were in a foster home but I didnt know, my parents were getting us on the lawrance welk show talent show, you disappeared, nobody could find you.

  12. His voice has changed alot since the 1988 Interview video! OH WELL, but he still rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. another intelligent rock star that came from shit and prove the odds to be wrong all around. cool guy and this video really enlightened my opinion about the rumors of him. Thanx LLM

  14. hahahaha it worked i called my dog ben Gandalf and he looked at me like “huh?’

  15. That BACK FOR THE ATTACK 1987 album. Played it all day everyday and the HYSTERIA album and a lot more back in the day. Cassette tapes ROCK. 80s posters ROCK. Theres nothing like walking on the sidewalk on your way to school and listening to KISS OF DEATH on a walkman cassette player. 80s best of times.fuk the ipod and facebook

  16. yeah, he misses Goerge.

  17. ego maniacal… oh that’s george.  so funny

  18. Thunderstruck0videos

    Looks good for what 55 in this?

  19. I’ve been listening to heavy metal for 25 years and have always known who Dokken were but never listened to them, probably cause it wasn’t cool to listen to them where I was from, but as of the last couple of months I’ve been listening to them and have to say they are great, kinda cool to go through the Dokken catalog now, I still love the harder metal, but I’ve come to appreciate Dokken.

  20. @TheKiddJosh I saw them with Whitesnake and Scorpions, and the best band was Scorpions, I booted most of it to MD, but I think Dokken was really poor that night, and it depressed me, I wanted them to do well

  21. Cool, I believe he is legend, despite the internal problems, for the fans, they try and reunite, and like Pink Floyd, the personalities are at great odds. One Live Night is GOD LIKE, must own VIDEO

  22. What I read on Last.FM is that Lynch was controlling, it’s Don’s band since inception, and I like George, but it’s DOKKEN!!

  23. When the Who famously stuttered My ma ma my Generation, it was to imply and reference the drugs of the youth movement, and of course, Mods and Rockers were the movement for their shores. So, there’s a lot at work besides face-value, cover of the book where music is concerned. Also want to point out, Dokken sold out his local solo album tour for Up From the Ashes, I never got to see him! I was outside the venue however, that night

  24.  he keeps on dogging lynch but lynch is a realy cool guy this guy,don dokken is a fuckin control freak thats why george left fuckin dokken.