Dog Care & Training : How to Use a Dog Whistle to Stop Barking

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  1. This type of training only teaches a dog to bark if he/she wants a treat. 

  2. “I blow the whistle to get my dog to come” LOL WHAT

  3. Alessandro Medici

    Mmmm dog treats

  4. The dog’s like *nom nom nom, I only agree to be in this video to get the
    treats, nom nom nom”. haha

  5. Hades Dillinger

    hahahahaha his dog CAME

  6. Dog: Uhhhh i dont know what the hell this lady is saying…all i really
    care about is she is handing me food. I dont even know why she is blowing
    that thing for…..

  7. leadvilleengineer

    You should walk your dog more than once every two days it should be more
    like two times a day. The walking relieves tension for the dog and you can
    also use your walks as good trainging time. The dog wants you to be the
    pack leader, if you are consist about training your dog will begin to
    listen. I Don’t give up and don’t give your dog mixed signals i.e. “I want
    you to stop barking, but its too much trouble so I let you continue

  8. first view woo!!!!!

  9. Debdie does Doggies

  10. wow my dogs would just start barking a second later or not even stop, i
    would like to see her stop my dogs from barking

  11. My dog came.

  12. yeah but how do you stop yer neighbor’s dogs from barking? i can’t reach it
    to give it a treat and it won’t work anyway ’cause it’s penned up all day.
    i know it needs exercise and that’s why it barks excessively. but they
    don’t care.

  13. barking are like talking to humans, why would you not want them to bark.

  14. IloveDogTraining

    awesome job training a dog is so important

  15. FIRST of all, how do you “tune” the whistle..????????

  16. “Usually I use my dog whistle to make my dogs cum” haha

  17. Jonny Toronto

    ahhhh f*****g adverts !! Stop it youtube!!

  18. hes a spoiled dog he got 3 treats for doing nothing

  19. @son8god8damn muzzle

  20. my dogs bark -_- they are stuborn anyone help me plz how can i shut french
    mastiffs up? nd lot more

  21. rofl nice one

  22. Richard Rossi

    Yeah, but how do you keep your neighbors loud little kids to be quiet at
    7:00 in the morning? I’ll try the dog whistle and see if that works!.

  23. Daniel Benshmuel


  24. hello, i like this video but : i) Is it possible that the dog will get the
    point of it and bark every time he wants a treat? ii) Can i replace the
    treat in stroking? thanx…